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A Fine Collection of Vanity Fair Prints

Vanity Fair Magazine ran for nearly 50 years before the publication eventually came to an end in 1914, merging with Hearth and Home. At this point it had amassed a huge following for its views on aspects of Victorian life, such as fashion and current affairs.

The highlight of the “Show” that people really looked forward to the most was the latest “vanities of the week”, with its now-famous caricatures depicting society figures in an exaggerated fashion. These mostly colour portrait-a caricatures were issued as chromolithograph prints, with contributions from leading international artists of the day.

Original Vanity Fair prints are highly collectable and so if you are after Vanity Fair caricatures or spy cartoons from this much-celebrated period, check out the excellent array of Vanity Fair prints we have for sale in this section of the Albion Prints website.

Here you will find everything from Vanity Fair caricatures of ambassadors and sportsmen to spy cartoons, with more prints being added on a regular basis.

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