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Aldini & Castelli 1625 H/Col Botanical Print. Folium Glandis Unguentariae

Product Code: 10077
Archived Product
This is a sold item and has been left in the Public Domain for research purposes. Images are available for public use with an acknowledgement to For similar active items, please go to the home page or use the search facility.

Product Description
Antique Copper Plate Published 1625, Rome for "Exactissima descriptio rariorum quarundam plantarum, qu continentur Rom in Horto Farnesiano" by Tobia Aldini & Pietro Castella. Printed both sides, verso text showing through front side. Fine, professional later hand colour.

A little wormholing present, away from image. Tone paper.

Paper Size: 12 x 8.5 inch (31 x 22cm)