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Ackermann 1813 Hand Col Regency Fashion Print. Half Dress 9-21

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Archived Product
This is a sold item and has been left in the Public Domain for research purposes. Images are available for public use with an acknowledgement to For similar active items, please go to the home page or use the search facility.

Product Description
Antique Engraving with Etching Published 1809-29 by Rudolph Ackermann, London for "The Repository of arts, literature, commerce, manufactures, fashions and politics" Fine hand colour as issued. Good paper, reverse side blank.

Very minor background toning. Left margin tear extending very slightly into image.

Paper Size: 9 x 6 inch (23 x 15cm)

*The plates were issued in three series. Series 1 (1809-15) Series 2 (1816-22) Series 3 (1823-28) The Repository was issued under a different title in 1829 - "Ackermann & Co's Repository of Fashion